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Picture yourself as the owner of a book store.

After more than 30 years in business we have decided that it is time to relax and let someone else take over ownership and the daily running of the bookstore. If you have an interest in owning the bookstore, or would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Michael Mitchell at 804-381-6667, or Michael@BRGBrokers.com.

Rare books make great gifts!

In the digital information age, a hand-picked rare book stands out as something truly special. Did you know that we have thousands of used and rare books available online? We have been collecting for over 30 years. Go ahead and browse awhile.

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Author Signing
Saturday, September 13, 3 - 5 PM
Edward H. Peeples

Scalawag coverScalawag tells the surprising story of a white working-class boy who became an unlikely civil rights activist. Born in 1935 in Richmond, where he was sent to segregated churches and schools, Ed Peeples was taught the ethos and lore of white supremacy by every adult in his young life. That message came with an equally cruel oneā€”that, as the child of a wage-earning single mother, he was destined for failure. But by age nineteen Peeples became what the whites in his world called a "traitor to the race." Pushed by a lone teacher to think critically, Peeples found his way to the black freedom struggle and began a long life of activism. He challenged racism in his U.S. Navy unit and engaged in sit-ins and community organizing. Later, as a university professor, he agitated for good jobs, health care, and decent housing for all, pushed for the creation of African American studies courses at his university, and worked toward equal treatment for women, prison reform, and more. Peeples did most of his human rights work in his native Virginia, and his story reveals how institutional racism pervaded the Upper South as much as the Deep South. Covering fifty years' participation in the long civil rights movement, Peeples's gripping story brings to life an unsung activist culture to which countless forgotten individuals contributed, over time expanding their commitment from civil rights to other causes. This engrossing, witty tale of escape from what once seemed certain fate invites readers to reflect on how moral courage can transform a life.

Edward H. Peeples is Associate Professor Emeritus of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Author Signing
Saturday, September 27, 11 AM - 1 PM
Dr. Allen Lewis
We Are All Racists

We Are All Racists coverOne day as a child at about 4 years of age, I uttered to my mother as she bathed me, "Be sure to wash me clean, mom." She responded, "But I always wash you clean." I quickly replied, "No, Mom, wash me clean like the kids on the Sound of Music" (the movie). This startled my mother at first, but then she immediately knew what was going on.

Were you surprised at the racial divide in America when the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial was read? Did you think we had evolved past this point in the country's history? After all, don't we have a black president? Well, the truth is, race still matters, and it always will. In his book, We are All Racists: The Truth about Cultural Bias, Dr. Allen Lewis offers a personal, theoretical, historical, data-driven, and solution-focused, yet brief discussion of race. There are no indictments, there is no blame, but he lays out the truth about race and cultural bias in America today.

Dr. Lewis was a longtime faculty member at VCU in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling. He looks forward to discussing the book and signing copies with eager readers.

Author Signing
Saturday, October 4, 1 - 3 PM
Hugh Harris
A Change of Heart and Return of Bliss

A Change of Heart coverReturn of Bliss coverRetired pastor Hugh Harris returns to sign copies of the first two titles from his Dinkle Island series. He looks forward to discussing the books with readers. Change of Heart is about redemption and hope set in a small coastal Virginia town, and Return of Bliss is a story of unfolding hope and joy built around Psalm 30:5, 'Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.'

Author Signing and Discussion
Saturday, October 18, 12 - 2 PM
David S. Cariens, Jr.
Virginia Tech: Make Sure It Doesn't Get Out

Virginia Tech coverVirginia Tech: Make Sure It Doesn't Get Out deals with massacre at Virginia Tech and those who exploited the shootings for their own ideological and personal reasons. Along with a detailed analysis of the timeline of events, this book examines the motivations and character of the shooter, the lives and hopes of the victims, and the missed opportunities by government and school officials to do something significant to improve campus security and help prevent future school shootings in the wake of the events on April 16, 2007. David Cariens discusses his reasons and motives for writing, the problems the victims' families have faced and continue to face in their efforts to find the truth, as well as the misconceptions about what actually happened before, during and after the Tech massacre. The book contains a detailed analysis of the Governor's Review Panel Report and looks at what parents can do to help ensure the safety of their children on our school grounds. Mr. Cariens draws on over 47 years of work in intelligence and crime analysis, over ten years of research and writing on school shootings in Virginia, numerous scholarly works on school safety, personal interviews with victims and their families, and a plethora of news accounts and reactions to the shootings at Virginia Tech. Finally, he brings to the book his personal experience in having lost a family member in a Virginia school shooting. This book is a clarion call for action to stop this nation's all to frequent school violence.

Author Signing
Saturday, October 18, 3 - 5 PM
Mac Todd
Eric and the Land of Lost Things

Eric and the Land of Lost Things coverMeet Mac Todd, author of a new children's book about a boy who meets the keeper of lost things, possibly including a sock or two of yours!

Mac Todd is a retired physician with a number of professional publications. He was addicted to reading at a young age and gladly suffers from this malady to this day. Besides enjoying reading all manner of books, Mac enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy and children's stories. Mac's other interests include cooking, Cursillo, gardening, the Episcopal Church, travel, photography and blacksmithing. Like many people, Mac periodically has items visit the Land of Lost Things, sometimes for a short visit and sometimes permanently. While trying to understand how things visit the Land of Lost Things, Mac has written 50 stories about Eric and his adventures, mostly dealing with one kind or another of lost items.

A respite for readers for over 30 years

We have been serving readers around the world from the West End of Richmond, Virginia for over 30 years. Visitors to the store are free to explore our four rooms and browse through 20,000 titles in stock—half new and half a combination of used and collectible volumes—all within a 1200 square-foot house. We offer...

  • Convenient, Ample Parking
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Book People is located just south of the corner of Granite and Patterson Avenues with ample parking to the side of the store.

We special order books, read books and have an excellent track record of locating out of print books for our customers. Both in-store shoppers and telephone orders are welcome. We delight in face-to-face transactions, but attend to domestic and international phone-in mail orders promptly as well. Our inventory is NOT computerized, apart from over 3,700 collectible titles listed with AbeBooks. We are proud to rely on our brains instead.