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Picture yourself as the owner of a book store.

After more than 30 years in business we have decided that it is time to relax and let someone else take over ownership and the daily running of the bookstore. If you have an interest in owning the bookstore, or would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Michael Mitchell at 804-381-6667, or Michael@BRGBrokers.com.

Rare books make great gifts!

In the digital information age, a hand-picked rare book stands out as something truly special. Did you know that we have thousands of used and rare books available online? We have been collecting for over 30 years. Go ahead and browse awhile.

Upcoming events

Author Signing
Saturday, June 21, 3 - 6 PM
J. Kenneth Metz
Founding Father

Founding Father coverIt has been 25 years since George Walker, Thomas Jefferson's first law professor, signed the Declaration of Independence and 13 years since he helped frame the United States Constitution. He, the mentor to two U.S. presidents and to the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, has reached a point in his illustrious career where he can rest on his laurels. So George and his wife now have retreated to the sanctum sanctorum of their manor house among the gentry in the genteel City on the James.

But Lady Luck and Lady Karma will sling sand into the machine of Squire Walker's comfortable, Old South paradise. Throwing grit into his squiredom's hum drum, frictionless machinery will be a villainous arch-rival, who will cross swords with the "founding father," a no-account nephew, who will manipulate his Uncle George's bank account, a dancing girl, who will quicken George's pulse to a fever pitch, and a femme fatale or two, who will lead George into temptation. Can anyone deliver him from evil?

Author Signing
Saturday, June 21, 1 - 3 PM
Randi Wolf Lauterbach
Matzo Balls and Christmas Trees: Memories of My Jewish Mother

Matzo Balls and Christmas Trees coverThe holidays bring a special ache to those who have lost a loved one in December. The winter of 1974 rendered Randi Wolf Lauterbach a twenty-two-year-old orphan and changed her world forever. Thirty-seven years later, with the anniversaries of her parents' deaths approaching, Randi's mind was immersed in thoughts of her mother--thoughts clamoring to be recorded. A first-generation Jewish-American, Margaret Wolf possessed a sharp wit, a penchant for music and gambling, and a strong foothold in her cross-cultural community of family, friends, and neighbors. When she passed suddenly, the woman who had seemed larger than life became but a memory cradled in the hearts of those who knew her. But, oh, what memories she left! Framed with humor, nostalgia, and warmth, Matzo Balls and Christmas Trees paints a timeless portrait of familial love--a love that transcends life and death and is renewed with each passing season.

Author Signing
Saturday, June 28, 3 - 5 PM
A.G. Alabaster
Shaken Not Forsaken: Excavation of a Soul

Shaken Not Forsaken coverA.G. Alabaster's memoir portrays one woman's struggle to find the depths of her soul. It is a provocative and daring story seen through her filter of past events taking place in the different homes and states where she lived. Sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, it follows her beginnings as a small, sensitive child on through the teen years to the perils of being set loose from a sheltered life and trying to set down roots in a mid-sized city. Shaken Not Forsaken depicts her commitment to a shaky marriage and the joy of having children. Always wavering in and out of depression, she became the victim of an episode that would change her life forever.

Double Author Signing
Saturday, July 12, 11 AM - 1 PM
Ray Wallace: Essex Memories & Beyond
Doug Blue: War Baby

Join us for a double-header on Saturday, July 12 to meet and talk with local authors Ray Wallace and Doug Blue, who have both recently released memoirs.

A respite for readers for over 30 years

We have been serving readers around the world from the West End of Richmond, Virginia for over 30 years. Visitors to the store are free to explore our four rooms and browse through 20,000 titles in stock—half new and half a combination of used and collectible volumes—all within a 1200 square-foot house. We offer...

  • Convenient, Ample Parking
  • Discounts on New York Times Bestsellers
  • Delivery and shipping available
  • Cozy, old-fashioned bookstore atmosphere
  • New, used, and rare books
  • Foreign language section
  • Out-of-print book search
  • Discounts to institutions and book clubs

Book People is located just south of the corner of Granite and Patterson Avenues with ample parking to the side of the store.

We special order books, read books and have an excellent track record of locating out of print books for our customers. Both in-store shoppers and telephone orders are welcome. We delight in face-to-face transactions, but attend to domestic and international phone-in mail orders promptly as well. Our inventory is NOT computerized, apart from over 3,700 collectible titles listed with AbeBooks. We are proud to rely on our brains instead.